Who we are

Shanghai Feiyu Business Consulting Co., ltd. was founded by some elites who has been deeply engaged in the conference industry for many years. They have been through high-level summits in Finance, Insurance, Payment, Telecommunication, Automobile and other industries. In order to push the development of the industry better by conference communication, they cooperate together to do meaningful events. Feiyu Business Consultant is committed to building an integrated platform of brand promotion, business development and information exchange for high-level business people. Through holding high-level industry summits, providing information consultant and other channels to serve customers attentively. Company philosophy: "Our highest mission is to address the needs of customers"​.

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Our Wish

We hope to offer valuable service for our customers and truly resolve their needs in Brand Promotion,Market Learning and Business Development. Trust is the base of cooperation, we hope to establish this trust with customers. Integrity and intentions services are our promise. We always say the a feather is so light, but it also has weight, every single person has his power, we hope to contribute our puny power to push the development of this industry.

Our Hope

Our highest mission is to address the needs of customers
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