2019 Insurtech Conference & "JinGe Prize" Selection


Guest Dialogue

Some VP of Branding Business
Business industry conference is different with Exhibition and Press Conference, I can find accurate industry elites and valuable information here.
Some Marketing Director of Supplier
Attending Business industry conference can let me reach accurate customers and partners in short time, it's vey usefull in Brand Promotion, Market Learning and Business Development.
Some Product Director
I am vey tired in daily work,Attending Business industry conference can make me relax,I can also get the new strategy and products from our parners and cooperators. Get together and talk will be useful for me.

The theme of this forum is “Sincere Innovation, Sincere Customer Service ”. We will invite about 200 high executives from Brand Owners, Superior component suppliers, Advice and Innovative enterprises of Smart Phones to join us, in this forum, we will discuss together about the new trend, technology and experience in Smart Phones.

With the theme of "innovation as a breakthrough, integration to achieve results", we discuss the supervision and risk control the innovation of insurance science and technology, the intelligent compliance and risk control of insurance enterprises assisted by Insurtech, digital access channel, accurate marketing and AI user portrait, customer interactive experience and other hot topics.
2019 Insurtech Conference & "JinGe Prize" Selection
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